About Oman Water & Wastewater Conference 2017

The Oman Water & Wastewater Conference brings together water stakeholders who have a mandate to meet the countries demand for water and connect its treatment systems by 2018. Oman remains a lucrative business source for contractors and vendors for several years as projects require upgrading or new construction for both water generation and transmission, desalination and treatment.

Haya Water is responsible for connecting Muscat municipality’s six districts with a population of 1.15million people, Oman will be looking to procure state-of-the-art water treatment facilities by 2020 which amounts to 2100 km of pipeline, and spend an estimated $4.3 billion on networks and treatment plants with $1billion of ongoing work on wastewater treatment system for Muscat.

The Oman government is planning to substantially raise the country's water desalination capacity, to meet the projected demand from households across the country within the next six years. The state-owned Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP), which is the exclusive buyer of power and desalinated water from independent producers, has taken major steps to increase the desalination capacity of independent water projects (IWPs) by 123.6 million imperial gallons of water per day (MIGD) in the next six years.

The increase will take the capacity to almost 310 million gallons – which is enough to fill more than 560 Olympic sized swimming pools per day – from the current 186 million gallons per day, a 66% increase (includes 42 MIGD capacity of Al Ghubra project expected to commence operation this year). The independent water projects are set up by private investors, mainly multinational giants through a competitive bidding process, who sell the water to OPWP to receive a return on their investment. The six proposed independent water projects being set up by private investors with an expected investment of several hundred million Omani rials, are in different stages of planning, tendering and implementation, and are to be constructed in different areas of the country

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